The Church Music Society

Registered Charity No. 1200306

President: The Most Reverend Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham

Anthem Collections


Bread of Heaven (Five short communion anthems)

Gloria in excelsis (Three Baroque choruses for Advent and Christmas) (German/English) Ed. Webber

Lamb of God

Solemn Notes of Sweetest Sound Ed. Rachel Webber

The Restoration Anthem, Vol 1 Ed. Dexter & Webber

The Restoration Anthem, Vol 2 Ed. Dexter & Webber

Two Carols for upper voices

Bach, J. S.: Eight Extended Chorales (German/English) Ed. Marlow

Byrd, William: Four Motets for All Saints Ed. Dunkley

Caesar, Anthony: Three Introit Anthems

Dering, Richard: Three Motets Ed. Richard Lyne

Eccard, Johannes: Three Festal Songs for feasts of BVM (German/English) Ed. Webber

Greene, Maurice: Three Anthems Ed. Marlow

Mendelssohn, Felix: Six Seasonal Motets Op 79 (German/English) Ed. Marlow

Pearsall, R. L.: Two Communion Hymns or Introits

Philips, Peter: Two Motets Ed. Pike

Sumsion, Herbert: Ascension and Pentecost - Two short anthems extracted from CMSO11

Sumsion, Herbert: Nine Introits for seasons of the church's year

Wesley, S: Two Sacred Songs Ed. Langley & Webber

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